Hugo Labattut, the founder of BLOUZouki, is a French singer, songwriter, musician and composer based in the south of France. His music is heavily influenced by his travels; he takes inspiration from making new discoveries and the places he visits shape his songwriting and lyrics. His music is characterised by lyrics focusing on his voyages. Labattut uses his songs to paint a portrait of the world he sees, in a musical style that embraces blues, swing, chanson and more.
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« BLOUZouki’s fourth album « Uncle Joe » is a rare treat for the senses that is fresh, original and has that essence of joy that will certainly put a smile on your face. Hugo Labatutt’s world travels have enabled him to encompass musical influences that he has incorporated into his compositions, songwriting and vocal style. His accompanying musicians on the album are accomplished and stylish and keep the music organic and accessible with an overall sound that shuffles, swings and resonates. An uplifting discovery that is essential listening. »
The Blues and Roots Music