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I moved to Berlin in the winter 2017, I got my favorite megaphone and banjo and lived my first experience of street music in Berlin with my friend playing tuba.

We managed to get a permission to play and learned little by little which stations were the most profitable for our swing.

Playing music in Berlin’s Metro

Berlin’s population is very diverse. So as an observer being stuck inside the metro is very interesting. That’s how I imagined that song.

A very dark and strange environment where everyone seem nostalgic and depressed. In the middle of this mess, a group of musicians capturing the attention, warming up the dark corridors, making people smile and forget about the winter that everybody wish to escape.

Busking in Berlin

Street art in Berlin is everywhere and Berliners like to support artists and buskers, which was very encouraging for me. People, rich or not, were inviting us to play for their private parties or events. It is part of the culture I believe, the art comes first from the streets and deserve to be seen and appreciated by all.

Even though the punk culture and electronic techno underground scene are dominant, our acoustic blues and swing combo was quite appreciated. We played our music in Berlin, busking in the metro stations until it was warm enough to play outside!

Here you can check an article from the New York Times where we are mentioned.

And here a video of us playing in the metro:


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