A travel song for Georgia

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Writing music on the road

Writing a song during traveling is probably the easiest thing for me. I just have to listen and look around me. Somehow the guitar is starting to talk threw my fingers, I don’t control much, I just let it go.

Especially these landscapes and trains are my favorite places, they fill me up with emotions and music feelings, I just need a peace of paper and write down what my surrounding is telling me and here comes the song!

On a train to Georgia

The first notes of the Georgian song came out in the train while we were traveling to Georgia by the eastern express train from Turkey.

Turning around the mountains and rivers. I could only write a song about travel and adventure indeed. I decided to write our own Turkish blues for our international band BLOUzouki.

The video of the song

We were heading to Batumi on the black sea near the turkish border, with our favorite video maker and we decided to make a travel video music while I was writing the song and that’s how everything started.

We played everywhere we could: on the street of Batumi, Tbilissi, in bars, hotels, we met a lot of amazing people in this road trip and now we are glad to present that beautiful video to you!

The clip was featured on the Georgian TV RadioVizia in December 2019.

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