Uncle Joe / December 2019

About the album

‘Uncle Joe’ is like a musical road trip: recorded in Istanbul in 2019, it travels through gloomy seaside towns in Georgia, bohemian hangouts in the former Yugoslavia and the subterranean darkness of the Berlin metro; it encounters Livio, a charming old winemaker from Switzerland, and Moussa, a passionate Malian music aficionado. The album embraces calypso, swing and chanson, encompassing the acoustic sounds of frisky banjos, enchanting clarinets and swinging saxophones.

Releases December 19, 2019

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Hugo Labattut (FR): Singing, Dobro, Bouzouki and acoustic guitar
Ersin Erçin (TR): Banjo guitar, Electric guitar, Back vocals
Alessandro Tomei (IT): Drums, Back vocals
Baran Say (TR): Doublebass
Peter Salvucci (US): Tenor saxophone
Tamer Temel (TR): Soprano saxophone, Clarinet
Aaron Goldsmith (US): Doublebass
Özgün Bora (TR): Electric jazz guitar, Resonator guitar
Baris Ertürk (TR): Baritone saxophone

All compositions by Hugo Labattut, except ‘Uncle Joe’ by Wilmoth Houdini
Lyrics: Hugo Labattut, except ‘Uncle Joe’ by Wilmoth Houdini

Cover design: Antoine Déprez, antoinedeprez.com

Recorded @ ROKET SONIK STUDIO, Istanbul, roketsonik.com

Recording and mixing by Veli Erisim Meral
Mastering by Adham Farid


01 Le métro de Berlin
02 Moussa
03 Yougoslavie
04 L’Aéroport
05 Batumi
06 Uncle Joe
07 Les fumées noires du Bosphore
08 Le Clochard
09 Le vieux Livio
10 Gérard