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Playing on the street, or busking is how I live my life for long years now and when I arrived in Istanbul I realised how people enjoy and love music. At that time, back in 2014 I never experienced this in another place. People are just incredibly happy and interested when someone plays on the street, they dance, they ask you to come to play near their shop, they invite you for tea, they buy your cd, they come to shake your hand and ask about who you are. It’s such a warm feeling and important for a musician I believe. We play for the people and when the people show you their interest, you cannot ask for anything more than this.

Our favorite spot to play in Istanbul

Istanbul has always been a city where east and west was meeting. I always played music with people from different places such as Iran, Italy, Syria, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Czech Republic, America… and of course Turkey. This is bringing an incredibly strength and energy to the music, it might sound cliche but in fact music has no borders and musicians have all the same language that allows them to create music and Istanbul is where I could realise this more than anywhere else.

After I came to Istanbul, I never really left, that place is just not letting you go, because of its people, culture and amazing city crossed by Bosphorus. It’s a perfect place to get inspiration for a musician. I believe I grew up as a musician in that city more than in any other places and this is thanks to the musicians and other people I met there.

Like any other places there are always problems with the police but Istanbul is still a place where a musician can live from the money earned on the street. It’s always possible to find a place to play at night. As I was mentioning, the music is very important in the turkish culture and people are supporting artists as soon as they can.

You can check our interview on the turkish newspaper Gazete Kadikoy

Here is a short video of us playing on the streets of Istanbul:


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